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Most Important NATA Sample Papers

NATA Study Material Free Download

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NATA Exam Question Papers

Nata Question Paper Set 81

Nata Sample Papers

Total Marks:- 100                                                        Time Allowed:- 2 Hours 10 Minutes

  • You are going on a trip in a bus and sitting on the window seat. The bus is passing through a village. There is an open-air cattle market going on in the village with lots of bullocks, buffalos, bullock carts & its spare parts, tea and snack stalls on hand carts, a huge crowd of sellers, customers, and visitors. Draw what u see from the window sitting inside the bus. (50 Marks)

  • A renowned Indian mobile service company wants to redesign their logo. Draw a logo for them so that it attracts customers of all age groups. Also, the color it appropriately. (25 Marks)

  • You have six automobile tires. Arrange them and form a visually attractive sculpture, viewing from one angle and light is coming from the other angle. show shadow and lighting effect & sketch it (25 Marks)

Nata Question Paper Set 82

Nata Sample Papers

Total Marks:- 100                                                        Time Allowed:- 2 Hours 10 Minutes

  • There is an inter-school quiz competition going on in a historical school assembly hall. There are two students in each group n there are three groups. The other three sides of the hall are occupied by an audience with the quiz master standing in the middle of one side, and you are sitting on 2 top rows of aside.sketch what you see(50 Marks)

  • Sketch a logo for a TV channel (25 Marks)

  • Using at least 4 cylinders compose a tall building. Show light and shadow & sketch it. (25 Marks)

Nata Question Paper Set 83

Nata Sample Papers

Total Marks:- 100                                                        Time Allowed:- 2 Hours 10 Minutes

  • Imagine that you are sitting in a merry go round. You can see some food stalls, a giant wheel, etc. Draw the view (50 Marks)

  • In the given rectangular box, divide the box using straight and zig-zag lines and color it using 4 colors only. (25 Marks)

  • Using 4 parts of luggage draw a 3-D composition assuming the light falling from the left side.  (25 Marks)

Nata Question Paper Set 84

Nata Sample Papers

Total Marks:- 100                                                        Time Allowed:- 2 Hours 10 Minutes

  • Imagine you are 6 cm in size and you are standing on the table which has a world map,2 books,2 pencils, a compass, notepad, and this table is near a window having partial curtains on it. Now sketch what you see. (50 Marks)

  • Draw the logo of a shoe company using circles and triangles only (25 Marks)

  • You have 1 empty bowl,1 glass,2 forks,1 spoon, and a handkerchief. Draw a 3d composition giving light and shadow effect like light is coming through your left. (25 Marks)

    Nata Question Paper Set 85

    Nata Sample Papers

    Total Marks:- 100                                                        Time Allowed:- 2 Hours 10 Minutes

    • Imagine that you are sitting in the last row of a theatre and the lighting is very dim. A dance performance is going on and the theatre is packed with people. Draw what you see.  (50 Marks)

    • Taking basic geometrical shapes, draw a logo for the railway station. Render in not more than four colors. (25 Marks)

    • Place cubes ( any numbers ) in such a way that the composition gives a feeling of both openness and space.  (25 Marks)

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