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Dissertation Topics List (1986-2005) NIT Tiruchirappalli

Architecture Thesis Projects & Dissertation Topics List (1986-2005), NIT Tiruchirappalli

NIT Tiruchirappalli Architecture Dissertation Topics

1986 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Terminal - 2  International Airport Madras
  • Rural Service Centre - Sampatti
  • Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts.
  • Teaching Hospital
  • Commercial Kitchen - A critical evaluation and design recommendation.
  • Ancillary Centre at Mangalore Port.
  • Commercial Complex
  • Flood Relief Centre
  • Sub - Urban Terminal Complex at Madras.
  • An approach to Industrial Housing Design. Type Design's for B.H.E.L.   At Trichy
  • Five Star Hotel Meenambakkam at Madras
  • Health Village at Meenambakkam, Madras.
  • An Approach to Theatre Design for South Zone Cultural Centre at Thiruvaiyaru
  • A Tourist Reception Centre at Madras
  • Study of Open Spaces in Public Sector Housing Colonies
  • Analytical Study of an Environment for Learning Design of Residential School

1987 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Wild Life Institute of India at Behar
  • Home for the Aged
  • Public School
  • Centre for Independent Living Rehabilitation Centre for the Physically Handicapped.
  • Civic Centre in New Delhi.
  • Correctional Centre for First-time Offenders
  • Centre for Mentally Retarded Children at Madras
  • Doordarshan Kendra at Madurai
  • Pariatak Aashray - Tourist Resort that embodies the living tradition of Jaipur.
  • Shore Line Leisure Centre.
  • Central University at Pondicherry.
  • Rural School.

1988 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Science and Technology Centre at Coimbatore.
  • International Air - Terminal at Madras
  • Unity Temple - A Temple of Understanding
  • Proposed Evergreen Housing Estate in Bangalore.
  • Kalaniketan - Cochin
  • Halfway Home Rehabilitation Centre for the Mentally ill.
  • Gandhiji University at Kottayam.
  • Tropical Botanical Garden at Trivandrum
  • Indian Institute of Management at Lucknow.
  • Archaeological Museum and Research Centre at Hampi
  • Fort Cochin - Seafort Development.
  • Recreation Centre at Trichy.
  • Centre for Christian Studies and Information
  • Proportioning Systems in Traditional Hindu Arch.

1989 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • School of Architecture
  • Passive Solar Holiday Resort.
  • Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind
  • MEDO - A Pharmaceutical Industry and Research Centre at Coimbatore.
  • Islamic Centre at Tirunelveli.
  • Cancer Institute
  • Film Institute
  • Regional Sports Centre at Trivandrum.
  • A Tourist Village at Trichy.
  • District Hospital at Kanyakumari.
  • International Convention Centre at Madras.
  • A Religious Complex at Jamshedpur.
  • Agricultural College and Research Institute.
  • College of Art & Design  at Madurai
  • Sainik School.
  • Indian Institute of Technology at Assam

1990 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • District Commercial Centre at Coimbatore.
  • A System of Bus Terminals at Madurai.
  • District Head Quarters at Dindigul.
  • Exhibition Centre at Madras.
  • Government College of Engineering at Jammu.
  • Super Speciality Hospital.
  • Veterinary College at Namakkal.
  • Study and Redevelopment of a Slum Area.
  • Metro Rail Terminal.
  • Medical College at Salem.
  • A Regionalist approach to Design.
  • Dimensional Rationalisation Walling System Design.
  • South Zone Cultural Centre at Thanjavur.
  • Proposed Five Star Hotel at Madras.
  • Whole Sale Market at Trichy.
  • Naval Academy at Ezhimala

1991 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • SOICO - Technical Centre for Environment Education
  • Central Silk & Sericultural Research Institute & Silk Industry at Dharmapuri.
  • Arogya Dhamam - A Place for Healthy Leisure.
  • High-Density Urban Housing
  • Ocean Park.
  • State Legislature Complex.
  • Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology.
  • Centre of Excellence in Bio-Technology.
  • World Trade Centre at Madras.
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences at Tanjore.
  • Regional Telecom Training Centre at Madras.

1992 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Regional Forest Academy and Research Centre at Bangalore.
  • Sports City of South India at Bangalore.
  • Regional Science Centre at Coimbatore.
  • Police Academic.
  • Anthropological Museum and Research Centre at Mysore.
  • Climatic Design Approach  - A synthesis of vernacular & contemporary principles.
  • High Court Bench at Madurai.
  • Study of High - Rise Apartments at Madras.
  • An Energy Conscious Approach to Design Navodaya Vidyalaya.
  • Mother Dairy - Madras.
  • Software Research & Development Centre at Taramani - Madras.
  • A Contemporary Fishing Centre.
  • Automotive Research Centre.
  • International Airport

1993 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.
  • Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) at Bombay.
  • Cardio and Neurg Research Institute at Vellore
  • Jamia Darussalam
  • Manolaya - A Centre for Mental Health.
  • Design Proposal for Film City at Madras.
  • Agrahara - A study and documentation of 18 vathima agraharans at Tanjore District.
  • Industrial Design Centre.
  • International Convention Centre.
  • Institute of Oceanography at Madras.
  • An Approach to the Design of a Shopping Centre.

1994 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Silk Centre at Kancheepuram.
  • A study of the Evolution of Church Architecture in Tamilnadu.
  • National Institute of Sports at Madras.
  • Institute of Leather Technology and Research at Kanpur.
  • Residential Public School at Hyderabad.
  • Centre for Electronics Design and Technology - Thuvakudi, Trichy - 15
  • five Star Hotel at Coimbatore.
  • District Head Quarters at Nagapattinam.
  • Textile Research Centre at Coimbatore.
  • Five Star Hotel at Coimbatore.
  • Permanent Capital Complex at Guwahati.
  • District Health Care Complex at Madurai.
  • Study of Open Spaces in Planned Housing Colonies.
  • Centre for Aquatic Sports and Indoor Games - Hyderabad.
  • Centre for The Environment
  • Eco-Sensitive Agriplex.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Science and Youth Development at Sriperumbaur.
  • Multi-Arts Centre at Coimbatore.
  • Airtropolis at Madras.
  • Redevelopment Gandhimarket at Trichy.
  • Agricultural University at Trichy.
  • Redevelopment of Newmarket at Calcutta. Architectural Design of Phase - III
  • Five Star Hotel at Coimbatore.
  • Centre for Oncology
  • Coimbatore Stock Exchange.
  • Kala Academy - A school for Music and Dance at Chidambaram.
  • Retreat Centre at Yelagiri Hills for C.M.C. Vellore.
  • Bandra Kurla Complex an International Finance and Business Centres.

1995 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Study of SOCIO - Economic Characteristics of Low-Income cluster - housing and Climatic
  • evaluation of cluster Design.
  • City-level commercial center and cultural complex at Guwahati - Assam.
  • HUDCO - place at New Delhi.
  • The Media Centre at Madras.
  • Ayurveda Complex
  • World Trade Center.
  • Ophthalmic Research Institute and Hospital at Coimbatore.
  • Centre for Fashion Technology at Madras.
  • Information Technology Park at Bangalore.
  • Reinterpretation of Architectural Expressions Hindu temples Regional center of Tamil Nadu for
  • Wild Life Institute Topslip.
  • Periyar Maniammai Technological Institute for Women at Vallam, Thanjavur.
  • Head Office for a Bank with Training Institute at Bangalore.
  • Business Centre at Bangalore.
  • Indian Institute of Technology at Guwahati
  • A Permanent Industrial Exhibition Centre.
  • The vernacular context for contemporary forms. A case study of the walled city of Jaipur and design
  • of Tourist reception center.
  • Telecom Training Centre at Bhopal.
  • Naval Base at Karanja. A seismic-resistant approach to design.
  • Peoples Place - A Leisure center for New Bombay
  • Climate conscious design approach - an adaptation to resorts.
  • Trauma and Acute Care Centre at Madras.

1996 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • School of Graphic Arts at Sivakasi
  • Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics at Bangalore.
  • Reinterpretation of Sacred Spaces. Design of Spiritual Complex at Rameswaram
  • Revitalization of Mamallapuram Through a study of the Built Environment and behavioral
  • Pattering in the Traditional urban settings of India.
  • A study of Vernacular and Contemporary Energy Conscious Techniques and Proposal of Renewable Energy Centre at Jaipur.
  • Centre for Innovative Communication
  • Maritime Training Institute
  • Head - Quarters for Non - Aligned Nations at Bangalore, India.
  • The University of Indology at Sri Rangam.
  • Arriving at Design Recommendations for Energy Efficient Buildings for representative it nos of Three climatic zones. Application of Design recommendations for the design of centers of energy studies.
  • Arts & Handcraft Centre at Pipli.
  • In Search of Regional Identity & Cultural Continuity Through A study of Traditional Architecture of Kerala.
  • Indian Institute of Creativity.
  • Correctional Centre for Juveniles
  • Science & Technology Museum at Trichy.
  • Exploratorium
  • Centre for Earth Science at Madras.
  • National Centre for Advanced Medical Science.
  • National Institute for the Handicapped
  • Redevelopment of Sursagar lake - Vadodara.
  • City Central Complex
  • Old Delhi (A heritage study) Proposed Heritage Museum, Kashmiri Gate, in Delhi.
  • A holistic Environment for Child Development.
  • Institute of Medical Science & Research at Perunndurai.
  • Institute of Child Health & Children's Hospital.

1997 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Bengal International Centre at Calcutta.
  • Low-Rise High-Density Housing at Chennai.
  • Asiad City - Calcutta.
  • A High-Density Model Housing at Hosur.
  • National Law School at Chennai.
  • Zonal Habitat Centre at Chennai.
  • "A Study of French Expressions" at Pondicherry design of Arts and Crafts Centre.
  • GOA - A Heritage Centre.
  • Multi-Functional Convention Centre at Bangalore.
  • The core of a Satellite Town - Faridabad. (coast core of a satellite town)
  • Indian Institute of Management at Calicut.
  • A Sustainable Developmental approach for a Health resort at Siruvani.
  • A Setting for Jain a Thought.
  • A study on Environmental Perception & Meaning Design of Urban Multiplex at Bangalore.
  • Rejuvenation of Crawford Market Mumbai through a study on the spatial interface and image structure in market places of the colonial precinct.
  • Reflections of Heritage on the Urban form of Pushkar - an insight and a commensurate design of a “Shilp Gram”.
  • Redevelopment of the Chennai Central Railway station.
  • Integrated Bus – Transit Terminal at Chennai.
  • Beach Resort at Goa.

1998 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • School of Cultural Studies - at Jezpur.
  • Peoples Place - A Civic cum Commercial Centre at Coimbatore.
  • Temple of Justice Gujarat - High Court Design og Energy Conscious CMC Building.
  • Harbour - Sea Port at Gopalpur.
  • Regional Expressions in Contemporary Context.
  • Contextual of a Mass rapid system station complex at Mylapore.
  • Institute of Rubber Technology and Research.
  • To Revitalize the Deteriorated Guise.
  • The Architecture and the Identity of Mandvi.
  • An Ambience for Textiles Amelioration at Coimbatore
  • Morphosis of a Place, A study into the Logics of Deconstruction Stimulant Science.
  • Sangamam…….. A Centre for Amelioration of Tamil Culture and Tourism at Chennai.
  • Mandu - A study of its Architectural Character and Design of a Tourist Village.
  • Mehrauli……..A study of change and an effort towards continuity prescient development Tahaz -
  • Mahal to A Uliya Masjid
  • Energy Conscious Design of a Software Complex.
  • Environment for Advanced Scientific Research at Bangalore
  • Visual Media City at Bangalore - A Design proposal…
  • Kumbakonam - Manifestation of a Traditional Setting.
  • Mixed-Use Waterfront Development.
  • An Exposition of Human Ostentations at Chennai.
  • Greek Embassy in India.
  • Art Manor
  • Industrial Centre for Automobile Manufacturing and Research at Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Nadu
  • Visakhapatnam Export Processing Zone.
  • Doordarshan Kendra - Design of TV Station at Pondicherry.
  • Interface Zone of Transportation Node and Marketspace at Koyambedu.
  • Rhythms and Accents in Architecture of Fort Cochin and Mattancherry.
  • Landmark Complex in Commemoration of India's 50 Year of Independence.
  • College of Fine Arts.

1999 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • A study of British Expressions at Calcutta.
  • A Leisure Village at Cochin.
  • A Cultural Institution with Barrier-Free Environment.
  • National Institute of Knitwear Fashion Technology at Tirupur.
  • Towards the Creation of an Ideal Environment for Children with Special needs " The Human Tough at Auroville"
  • Design of a Values Manufacturing Unit at Ranipet
  • Millennium Centre at Chennai.
  • Redevelopment of Trichy Central Bus Station.
  • Centre for Built Environment at Taramani, Chennai.
  • Heritage and Tourist Complex at Khajuraho.
  • Understanding Walls and the Contextual Design of Museum at Chandigarh.
  • Centre for International Studies and World Trade - Energy Conscious approach.
  • National Defence Academy, Munnar.
  • Super Speciality Hospital
  • In search of Spatial Identity for Creative Ascient.
  • River Front Development Sabarmati.
  • Regional Head Quarters for "SUS" Villages of South India - A color Conscious Design.
  • Tamil Kalachara Maiyam - Centre for Tamil Culture at Madurai.
  • Towards a need  Architecture a Demonstration neighborhood for Sustainable  Development
  • Study of the Morphology of Streets in Geroge the Traditional Indian context its Expression in the design of a center for  Indian Arts and Crafts.
  • Island Habitat - Locale for a nocturnal verve at Kochi.
  • Venue for Film Festivals Vashi at NewMumbai.
  • Cultural Heritage cum Tourism Development Centre at Kaveripoompattinam.
  • Sarah an essence of tribal culture
  • Walled City - Jaipur synthesizing Vernacular and Contemporary approach towards the design of a Commercial cum Recreational Space.
  • Financial and Ancide Centre at Chennai.
  • Attakkalari - An International Centre for Movements Arts.

2000  -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Revitalization of Alappuzha:  Venice of East.
  • A Centre for Advertising studies at Pune.
  • Technopolis at Chennai.
  • Architecture for the Blind - A study and design of a Comprehensive rehabilitation center at Pondicherry
  • Marine Training Institute at Cochin.
  • Design of a Modern Temple in Sri Peramputhur.
  • Urban Insertion an approach towards contextual Design in the old city of Madurai.
  • Rejuvenation of Mahamandir area (Jodhpur) through the redesign of Social Institutions.
  • Sea Life Park - (Vol. - 1 & 2 )
  • Bangalore International Airport.
  • Redevelopment of Gopitalav.
  • The design of Infrastructural Facilities for an Atomic Power Station.
  • Bio-Technology Park at Chennai
  • Study of Prefabrication and Modular Co-ordination. (Design of Midrise Office Complex).
  • Light Space Form an Understanding of the Creative use of light & design of center for fine arts at Pondicherry.
  • Revitalization of Capitol Complex, Chandigarh.
  • Transportation Interchange at Nerul, Navi Mumbai.
  • Commercial cum Recreation Centre People's Place in Chennai.
  • An Energy Conscious approach to the design of a Resort at Mamallapuram.
  • Incremental Design in Public Housing at Navi Mumbai.
  • Internal Convention Centre.
  • Energy Conscious Design of Construction Equipment Manufacturing unit.
  • A study of Stepwells of Gujarat design of a cultural center at Gandhinagar.
  • Design of a Mixed-use Building in Dubai.
  • Design of the Indian Institute of Technology at Dharwad.
  • Design of a Sea Shore Hotel
  • "SO - HAM" Ambience for self-realization and Austere Living.

2001  -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • The Integrated Agricultural Research Centre at Coimbatore.
  • Virtual Abode - A Setting for the subnormal.
  • Design of Holistic Healing Centre - an approach to subtle energy-conscious architecture.
  • A Center for Classical Dance and Music.
  • The resurrection of Humpi - the study of Hampi village and a group of monuments to develop the living standards of its people.
  • Development of Mansagar Lake - as a tourist spot through the urban study of amber settlement.
  • "SARAH" - Study of Ulsoor lake precinct and to rejuvenate it through the design of mixed land use typology.
  • An Integrated approach towards developing Patni top as a Tourist Village.
  • Center for Development of Stones.
  • Study of Charminar Street and Miralam Mandi Area for a redesign proposal.
  • Line of Forces - an integrated high-density habitat for the new hillenium at Auroville.
  • Metro Plaza - an approach towards interior architecture.
  • The National "Space Science Center"
  • "Punarjanma" - A center for treatment rehabilitation and research of people affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • "Pragathi" - A humanitarian design approach for a correctional center through a study of the Psychological impact of the built environment.
  • "Hi-Tech Park" at Nanguneri.
  • Islamic - Cultural Centre at Nagore
  • A Milieu for Fashion Amelioration at Bangalore.

2002  -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • Ecotel - an eco-friendly hotel.
  • "Navi" Gantal holistic approach towards Disaster Resistant Housing.
  • Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition.
  • Hospice Care.
  • The Genome Research Institute.
  • World Trade Centre & Chennai.
  • Convergence Centre for Independent Journalists
  • Integrated Marine Harvesting Development Centre.
  • Design of Eco Village.
  • Multiples - Design at Bangalore.
  • An Energy-Efficient Software Part at Mysore.
  • Sports Complex at Hyderabad.
  • Hill Resort @ Munnar.
  • Nandyal Medical College.
  • Centre for Textile Technology
  • The Vertical City - A study on Vertical Urbanism.
  • Urban Realization: a study of the built environment of the Sourashtra Community at Madurai.
  • Marine Complex at Chennai - a dive into the marine world.
  • Study of the Ghats of Varanasi.

2003 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • A Centre for the art of living - Regional headquarters for the vipassana meditation center and research institute at Kaldi – Kerala ( Architecture as an ideological expression)
  • Design of a Multi-Speciality Complex - An Emphasis in the barrier-free environment at Taramani Chennai (Universal Design & Accessible Design)
  • Correctional Center - An approach to community corrections…. At Bhubaneswar – Orrisa (Environment Psychology & Behaviour)
  • Design of an international School - A study on spatial qualities of learning spaces and its application in Ilakiya at Coimbatore (Qualities of Learning Spaces)
  • Hybrid spaces in Architecture at Chennai (Virtual Architecture)
  • Design of a Telecasting Centre at Chennai (Acoustical - Noises Control)
  • Proposed Cultural Center at Hanuman dhoka Durbar square Kathmandu, Nepal (Situation and Response Planning & Organizational Principals)
  • Design of a cultural center at Tarangambadi (Architectural Character of Tarangambadi street furniture and signage)
  • Design of Cancer hospital at Bangalore (Air Conditioning Systems)
  • Indian Institute of Management at Noida - Rajasthan - A design of learning environment (Daylighting and its impact on the Articulation of form & spaces)
  • A  Comprehensive approach to slum improvement  - a study and redevelopment of informal settlement at Gulbaitekra, Ahmedabad (Understanding the interface between the environment and sustainable livelihoods in the integration of informal settlements)
  • National Institute of Design at Chennai (Understanding of the student activities with reference to spaces and the study of spatial Qualities to Enhance it)
  • Music in Architecture - A design of a space for Music (Details and Construction Techniques for Acoustically Sound Environment)
  • College for Technical Education with Emphasis on Campus Safety and Security(Campus Safety and Security)
  • Bhaktivedanta Cultural Centre at Guruvayour (Landscape Architecture)
  • Development of Bhagavat as a Tourist Center (Study of Tribal Architecture of Madhya Pradesh)
  • Center for Moving Images at Cochin (Study light as an element in the Perception of spaces in Architecture with comparison to the cinema)
  • Proposed Capital Complex at Raipur, Chhattisgarh (Distribution of Day Light)
  • An Exploration of Urban Spaces in Terms of Spatial Experiences and the Design of a Public Realm (The Public Realm as a Defined Urban Space)
  • Christian Devotional Centre at (Acoustics)
  • Lake Shore Development - Kotekere Tank at Belgaum (Open Space Treatment)
  • Indian Institute of Agriculture Research at Patna (Transition Spaces in campus and Building Design)

2004 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

  • "Evolutionary spaces in the information Age" (Working from Home)
  • Habitable Bridge (Structural Systems)
  • Officer's training academy -Chennai (beaux-arts planning)
  • FM Planet at Bangalore (Acoustical treatment for recording studios speech intelligibility in open-plan offices auditorium acoustics)
  • Animation center at Chennai (behavioral architecture techniques & application in the working environment)
  • Redevelopment of thampanoor bus terminal at Trivandrum (Spatial Cognition)
  • Study of Velankanni-An attempt to redefine and Redesign (Streets and squares on urban insight)
  • Metro station +commercial complex at Delhi (Crowd management Application Of Special Study)
  • Architectural response to terrorism and its Symbolism in the design (Symbolism of remembrance in spaces)
  • National Institute of fashion technology at Surat (Daylighting and its Behaviour in Architecture)
  • Design of a museum of photography-An Architectural approach to spatial imaging at the display (Role of light in visual perception)
  • Specialty Hospital for Women and children at Chennai For a life better (Application of color)
  • Science City Complex Chennai (Laboratory Ventilation Design Practices)
  • Smart architectural surfaces
  • Design of an expo with a mathematical approach to form generation (Fractural geometry in architecture)
  • Design of a model airport at Ranchi (Long Span Structures)
  • Back Water Development at Cochin (Water as an element in Architecture)
  • "Retirement Resort"-an ambiance of active retirement living (Lighting and the elderly before they fall Room interiors)
  • Center for Holistic Healing (A holistic approach to architecture - towards the creation of an environment conducive to healing)
  • "The royal Secretariat" study of Bhutanese architecture and incorporating in the design of the secretariat building and the royal court of justice (Art in Bhutan Fresco & Mural From fortress to farm houses-a living architectural styles and different structures)
  • Hyderabad international convention center (Acoustics)
  • Design of an oceanarium -  a walk underwater at Nemmeli (Sustainable Architecture)
  • Reginal center for Habitat technology (Foundation, walling, roofs, doors windows)

2005 -   B.Arch -  Dissertation  Topic List

Architecture for wayfinding study on wayfinding behavior in a shopping mall (Biological needs for visual information)
"DHYANA" - A  meditation resort -"An oasis for love, consciousness peace & mediations" (Landscape for energy conservation)
"Ayurvedic health resort" at Kourtallam (Daylighting and its behavior in Architecture)
High - Rise Office Building Using the Vertically Space (Fire Life Safety in a High Rise)
"Prayas" - A Humanitarian approach to the design of a Juvenile center at Faridabad (Study of children’s behavior and the impact of physical settings)
"SEISMO" - Resistant hospital at Delhi, An architectural Perspective (Non - Structural Vulnerability)
School of Performing Arts at Thiruvananthapuram (Materials & Construction Techniques of Traditional Kerala Architecture)
Five Star Hotel at Aurangabad (Artificial lighting for Interiors)
Centre for Pharmaceutical research and drug development at Ahmedabad (Laboratory Services)
Golf Resort at Shillong, Meghalaya (Green Buildings Design Guidelines)
Revitalization of palace complex a dits environs at Thanjavur (Urban Spaces & Open Spaces)
Civic Center at Trichy (Exterior Space in Architecture)
The Urban Hub - Where the Mass Starts Imploding at Gurgaon (Hi-Tech Modern Architecture)
National Institute of Port Management at Visakapatnam (Introduction to campus designing element)
Defense Housing at Sulur (Energy Efficiency through Landscape design & Landscaping elements
Apparel Park at Tirupur - weaving a quality industry (Artificial Lighting & Their Applications in Textile Industries)
Centre for Visual Communication (Campus Landscaping)
Design of Deaddiction Center - "SWASTHYA" Freedom from drugs (Building form and its effects on the addicts)
Advertisement education & research Institute (Articulation of spaces with elements like walls & light)
Cardiac Hospital & Institute at Chennai (LIFTS - electric track vehicle system pneumatic tube system inferences)
Centre for the environment and renewable energy (Water management this includes rainwater harvesting & water recycling)
Study of transience in an urban environment and the design of hybrid hub  at Bangalore (Survey  - understanding youth subculture)
Service apartment at Adaiyar (Fire Safety System)
The cultural complex at Madurai with the significance of Pandyan Architecture (Spatial Organisation)
A Contemplation center reflecting Jain thoughts (Green Buildings: Study and applications compost toilets systems)
A Heritage beach resort at Kanyakumari (Building types of Jaffna)
Commune Architecture (Prefabrication energy efficiency Picasso)

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