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Top 5 Tips for Green Building Certifications

Tips that need to be followed for Green Building Certifications

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Tips for Green Building Certifications

Green buildings have become quite a phenomenon in the last decade with more and more buildings opting to be certified. With the many benefits associated with being green-certified, one can certainly understand the hullabaloo surrounding the concept. Here are a few tips that builders need to keep in mind when opting for green building certifications:

  • Identify what your motive is

There are numerous reasons why people opt for green certifications. Are you intending to get it done to reduce maintenance cost or utility cost? Or perhaps attract tenants by emphasizing on the fact that you are green certified? While most builders aim for sustainability, not all go the extra mile to get a certification.

  • Decide on the right certification program

In India, there are three primary certifications that builders opt for. All of these differ from one another in minutes or, in some cases, significant ways that can help you as a builder make the right choice on which is the best certification program for you. LEED, IGBC, and GRIHA are some of the major certification providers for green buildings in India.

  • Think of creative solutions for

Before you even venture with an the idea to remodel your building according to the standards set for green buildings, coming up with a strategy that is both helpful and creative in solving the various issues that can be tackled under this new plan is how you can make a difference.

  • Manage your budget

When you plan on a sustainable construction or change within the construction, setting up a budget, and managing it is important. The right budgeting can help you in making the certification more affordable, thereby saving costs for the long run.

  • Strive toward improvement

While the certification you get for the building may last lifelong, it is also important to keep the performance of your building in tangent with the newer practices implemented. Ensuring that you are always trying to better your performance is vital.

All of the above-mentioned tips can work positively in bringing about the required change that you are after to fit the standards set by green building certification institutes.

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