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Top 30 Interesting Thesis Topics In Architecture

Top 30 Interesting Thesis Topics In Architecture

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Architectural Thesis Topics PDF

Top 30 Interesting Thesis Topics In Architecture

A thesis is a very last step in the completion of graduation. It offers an opportunity for the students to explore a particular issue relevant to the field they are working in. These kinds of investigations are based on conceptual beliefs and values. Students working on the thesis have to define their interests and solve questions on the topic chosen by them.
The thesis assignment is given in almost all departments of a school or college. An architectural thesis is one of them which requires the student to question about architecture and define concepts like a theme, site, and a program. Such projects are intellectual pieces of work that need to be advanced. It is a combination of discussion and reasoning.

Form of architectural projects:

  • Programmatic
  • Socio-cultural
  • Historic
  • Typological
  • Contextual response
  • Theoretical
  • Preservation
  • Adaptive

Architectural projects are classified into the following famous categories:

  • Urban planning and infrastructure
  • Cultural facilities
  • Leisure and fun facilities
  • Public offices, buildings, and institutions
  • Houses

Some popular topics which can be selected for an architectural thesis are:

  • Development of waterfront property
  • Creation of low-cost housing
  • Heritage museums
  • Designing of an airport
  • Airport functioning
  • Cinema and theatre architecture
  • Skyscraper design
  • Suburban homes for multifamily
  • Aquarium-Aqua design and display
  • Gaming and Animation studio
  • Multimedia film city
  • Lightning excellence center
  • Marine park design
  • MTRS study and station
  • Convention center
  • Modern art museum
  • Automobile training center
  • Archaeological survey institute
  • School of art and design
  • Bus terminal cum commercial complex
  • Luxury beach facing apartments
  • Bioclimatic buildings
  • Cruise terminal design
  • Cricket stadium display
  • Media center
  • Resort design
  • Disaster management institute
  • Television and film institute
  • Polo retreat
  • Educational institute for rural children
A thesis is the most difficult and important piece of writing one performs in his career. Picking and choosing a topic for any project or dissertation is very important. The best way to succeed and complete the assignment within the due date is by selecting the right topic. Once this is done, then the research work can start on time. It is better to spend a little extra time on deciding the topic as it saves time being wasted by changing the topic later.

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