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Change Home Look with External Painting

Change Home Look with External Painting 

Change Home Look with External Painting

Today, the house is not just a place to live but has become a status symbol and a dream. Everyone wants his house to be as attractive and unique as his dream home. This thinking has completely changed the way we paint the house. It has not been the same now that the entire house was painted in the same colour. There is the paint of the same colour inside and outside, nowadays such a trend is going on that every wall of the room is painted in different colours. Not only this, some patterns and textures are also put on them in other colours. Similarly, in the new painting which is going on in the exterior painting, many colours are used simultaneously. The interior and exterior paints are completely different. Not only their colour but also their texture varies.

Interior painting

Choose colours, textures, and patterns according to the walls of your home. You can choose different themes for different rooms. You can choose a single colour theme for a room. In this, you use different shades of a single colour to give the room a unique look. Choose a mixed colour theme for the other room. Choose different colours for different walls and ceilings. Choose a brand with some latest texture in the living room.
New interior trends

Nowadays, colours are chosen over the theme in the interior. If you choose Contemporary Modern theme then the colour of these colours is trending - White, Pishta Green, Light Gray, Soft Clay, Light Blue, Mustard, Mist (Mix of Pastel Blue and Green), Mushroom Color, Light Gray, Green, etc. By the way, bold colours are also quite in trend. If you want to give your home or office a slightly vibrant look, then do not hesitate to choose bold colours. Bold paint rooms give depth and texture. By the way, black, brown and beige colours are also in the trend in interior painting.

If you choose Boo theme, then you can choose a lot of vibrant colours in it. Nowadays, paintings with rustic, metallic, sandy textured are also available. The paintings you should paint should be fine. Nowadays glance, satin, matte textures are running. If you live in a place where traffic is high, then choose gloss and satin textures. They not only look good to touch but also become clean quickly.

Keep these things in mind too

It is important to prepare the walls for paint before painting.

First of all, check that there is no moisture, fungus, and cracks in the walls, if they are, then correct them first.

- If a new plaster is made on the walls, then let it dry for at least 6 months.

- The walls are dry, on which there is no dust, dirt, and grease, paint is good.

- Get the new paint done only after removing the old paint thoroughly.

- Interior paint should be such that it does not stain and which is easily cleaned.

- Make sure to have the primer on the walls before painting anything.

Exterior painting

Your house is your biggest investment. A new colour must be done in a few years. With this, not only will he look good, but he will also be safe. Think of the choice of exterior paints to give your home a fresh style and flexibility. External paint is more prone to weather than the interior paint. To combat sun, rain, wind, etc., the exterior paint should be given a slightly rough finish. The paint should be such that the colour is not easily fed and does not get mouldy.

Exotic new trends

Only one colour is not being used in exterior painting. Contrast and matching colours are being used. Dark and light shades are used in matching colours. Apart from this, many patterns and textures are also inserted so that the home looks attractive from outside. Earlier, cream, white and other light colours were often used in exterior painting, but nowadays the trend of bright colours has increased. Cream, White, Sea green, Mysterious Gray, Brick Rade, Sandy, Navy Blue, Purple, etc. are in the shed trend. The practice of grit has also increased in exterior painting. In this, a little fine sand is mixed in the paint. This brings extra texture. Many companies are also making such products, in which Grit is already met.

Keep this also in mind

- The paint does not stick well on the wet and rough surface. Use a pressure wash to wash the house from the outside, because washing with high pressure removes dust and dirt.

It is important to thoroughly clean the walls of the house before painting it so that the effect of water and mould will remain on the walls as long as the new paint will not be well.

- Remove the old paint well rubbed.

- Fix the damages that have happened on the walls.

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