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SketchUp Shortcuts for Windows

SketchUp Shortcuts for Windows

SketchUp Shortcuts for Windows

  • Camera/Image Igloo I
  • Camera/Orbit O
  • Camera/Pan H
  • Camera/Zoom Z
  • Camera/Zoom Extents Ctr+Shift+E   Shift+Z
  • Camera/Zoom Window Ctr+Shift+W
  • Draw/Arcs/2 Point Arc A
  • Draw/Lines/Line L
  • Draw/Shapes/Circle C
  • Draw/Shapes/Rectangle R
  • Edit/Copy Ctrl+C   Ctrl+Insert
  • Edit/Cut Ctrl+X      Shift+Delete
  • Edit/Delete    Delete
  • Edit/Make Component G
  • Edit/Paste Ctrl+V Shift+Insert
  • Edit/Redo Ctrl+Y
  • Edit/Select All Ctrl+A
  • Edit/Select None Ctrl+T
  • Edit/Undo  Ctrl+Z         Alt+Backspace
  • File/New Ctrl+N
  • File/Open Ctrl+O
  • File/Print Ctrl+P
  • File/Save Ctrl+S
  • Sketchup/Context Help Shift+F1
  • Tools/Eraser E
  • Tools/Move M
  • Tools/Offset F
  • Tools/Paint Bucket B
  • Tools/Push/Pull P
  • Tools/Rotate Q
  • Tools/Scale S
  • Tools/Select Space
  • Tools/Tape Measure T
  • View/Animation/Next Scene PageDown
  • View/Animation/Previous Scene PageUp
  • View/Edge Style/Back Edges K

Windows Instructions 

• To edit, use the “WindowPreferencesShortcuts” menu. • To load, press the Import button (in the Shortcuts window) and select “preferences.dat”.

Mac Instructions 

• To edit, use the “SketchupPreferencesShortcuts” menu. • To load, use the Finder to copy “shortcuts.plist” to the following folder: [User] | Library | Application Support | SketchUp . [user] varies depending on how the Mac was setup. On school computers, it is usually “student”.

 Mouse Shortcuts Right-click Context-sensitive. Varies depending on which tool is selected – try it when in doubt! Center-click Temporarily switches to the Orbit tool. To use it, press and hold the center mouse button (or scroll wheel). The cursor should change to the orbit tool. Continue to hold the button and orbit around the model. When you release, the tool returns to its previous state. Space Center-click

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