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Vastu for residential buildings

Vastu for residential  buildings.

The meaning of vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success. If a house is made according to these principles, the inmates enjoy all the happiness in life. If it is against vastu principals, it will be a place for all sort of problems, worries and no peace.
 i.Master bed room
The Vastu plays a major role in placement and designing of the master bedroom. The way you sleep with your head in different direction and your placement of bed is a major decision which must be taken properly with utmost care. Here are some basic points one must adhere to get peace and prosperity in your bedroom.

  • The master bedroom should always be located in the Southwest part of the house as Southwest represents the element Earth which implies the heaviness, which makes it as the ideal place for the master of the house.
  • This is not at all suitable for children room, guest room, servant room or any other room.
  • A great deal of attention should be paid to bedrooms in a house. One should sleep with head towards South, East or West and never in north.
  • There should not be any beam crossing over the bed. If it exists, proper rectification should be done immediately otherwise the health will be affected.
  • The bed placed should be on the South/West walls and if not there, it should be kept at least 4” away from the walls.
  • The heavy almirah should be on the South/west wall.
  • The construction material for the bed should be the wood and the wrought iron beds should be avoided.
  • All the electronic gadgets should be placed at a distance from the bed as the Electro- magnetic waves emitted by them interferes with the sleep.
  • There should not be any mirror in front of the bed.
  • The shape of the bed should be regular and any irregular shape should be avoided.
  • The bed should never be placed in front of the bedroom door.
  • The mattress used on the double bed should be a single one.
  • The door of the bedroom should never produce the creaking noise.
  • The colour scheme for the bedroom in Southwest direction should be in any earthy tone like browns, shades of almond, all families of earthen colour.
ii. pooja
Universe is one of the beautiful creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with rules, regulations & acts, similarly the art of worshipping has got certain key factor principles to attain all its benefits.

While planning a house, due to the space constraints, many people tend to ignore a separate pooja room but we must not sideline the need to make a place for GOD. Thus by creating a room for worshipping, we are creating a room to get charged with positive vibrations every morning and that energy will energize our environment, mind, body and soul. Our work efficiency will increase and so the progress, prosperity and peace.

This room should be designed carefully because when you do meditation, you should gain the positive energies and then you can feel charged. If it is in wrong direction, then no matter how much meditation you do, you will not feel charged. There are certain rules which one must follow before the commencement of designing a pooja room.
  • The pooja room should always be situated in the North, East or the Northeast side of the house.
  • One should face towards East/North while worshipping.
  • Ideally there should be no idols in the worship room. But if one wish to keep, the height of the idol should not be more than 9"and less than 2".
  • While worshipping, the legs of the idol should be at the chest level of the person worshipping depending on the position, whether standing or sitting.
  • Nothing should be stored above the cabinet or slab here the God's idol is placed.
  • A Pooja room should never be made in a bedroom or on a wall adjacent to the bathroom wall.
  • One shall not enter the pooja room for any purpose without washing his legs and hands. Cleaning the feet by rubbing them against each other is prohibited. The left hand must clean them and the water must be poured by the right hand. Reared side of the feet must always be cleaned first.
  • In pooja room, copper vessels only shall be used particularly where water is collected.
  • Triangular pattern of any God should not be drawn in the Pujaghar.
  • The colour of walls of pooja room should be white, lemon or light blue and the marble used should be white.
  • The worship room should have doors and windows in the north or the east
  • The Agnikund should be in the southeast direction of the worship room. The sacred offerings to the fire should be made with the face towards the east
  • Lamp stand should be placed in the Southeast corner of the pooja room.
  • The idol should not be exactly in front of the entrance gate.
  • The idols should not be kept at a place obtained by chiseling off the wall or touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall.
  • Idols of God or their pictures should be placed on a high platform built on four legs.
  • The doors of the pooja room should not be made of any metal.
  • Silver or gold plates or items can be used for any purpose in pooja room. Usage of iron and stainless steel items in pooja room is strictly prohibited.
The ideal place to locate the bathroom (bathing only) as per Vaastu is on the eastern side. In olden days (even today) in villages, people used to take bath in the early morning. Come out of the bathroom, see and worship the "Rising Sun" chanting mantras (hymns).

Nowadays placing the toilet and bathroom combined and even attached to bedrooms is gaining popularity first because of paucity of space, second because of convenience. But there are some basic Vastu principles, which should always be kept in mind.
  • Bathrooms should not lie in the Northeast corners of the house.
  • The bathrooms and toilets should never be constructed beneath the staircase.
  • The toilets should be constructed to the west of the building or the north-west side.
  • Bathrooms and toilets should be located at a safe distance from the kitchen and the dining room.
  • The WC in the toilet should be in the west, the south or the northwest side of the west.
  • The WC should face North-South axis.
  • The water pipes, shower, bathtub etc. should be placed in northeast zone of the bathroom.
  • Heater, switchboard, all other electrical appliances should be in the southeast direction.
  • There should be windows or ventilators in the east or the north.
  • Bath should be taken in the west side.
  • The water storage of the taps of the toilet should be in the east, the north or the northeast corner. It should never be in the southeast or the southwest direction.
  • Mirror should always be on the East wall.
  • The dirty linens should be placed in the West Side of the bathroom as setting rays are very harmful for bacteria and kill them.
  • If there is almirah, it should always be on the Southwest Side of the bathroom.
  • The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and east so water drains to the northeast side of the bathroom.
  • The suitable directions for keeping the washing machine are southeast and northwest.
iv. Drawing room
The aim of Vaastu is to make us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the magnetic fields, gravitational effects etc. of the earth, the rainfall, the galaxy and the whole of the nature and the universe and duly invoking the blessing of the Gods of the directions. Every room has their eight directions again, so one must be aware of the facts how to design the rooms. 
  • Living Room should be in the east or north so one can get the morning sunlight and positive vibrations.
  • The door of the living room should be in East or West.
  • The sitting arrangement of the head of the family should be facing the east or in the north direction.
  • The heavy articles of furniture or decoration should be in the west or the south direction because weight is the element of Southwest corner.
  • The heavy chandelier should not be at the center of the room as to make the Bhrmasthaan light.
  • As far as possible TV should be in the southeast portion of the drawing room as all electrical gadgets should be in SE quadrant, the fire zone.
  • The portraits of the God or waterfalls are hung in the northeast corner.
  • Stuffed animals should be in the northwest corner.
  • Furniture of this room should not be circular, triangular, egg shaped hexagonal or odd shapes. It should be square or rectangular.
  • Portraits of birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the room as they give the gloomy feelings and thus the negative vibes.
  • The colour of the walls and the tiles used in this room should be white, yellow, blue or green. As far as possible it should not be red or black.
  • No photograph of God should be hanged above the entrance door, from outside.
  • The fireplace, if designed, should be done in Southeast part of the living room
v. Dinning
Managing interiors with the Vaastu is a bit creative job but if everything is planned carefully, one can open the doors of the prosperity for themselves. Now we will discuss dining room in detail.
  • The dining hall should be placed in West corner, as the setting rays will kill all the harmful bacteria present in the stored food.
  • The dining can also be made in the East direction of the house, as the morning sunrays are very good for the health.
  • The dining table should be perfect square/rectangle.
  • Dining table should not be sticking to the wall.
  • If you want to place a fridge in the dining room, it should be in southeast direction.
  • While eating the members should face the east, north.
  • The wash basin should be in Northeast side of the room.
  • The main door of the house and of the Dining Room should not face each other.
  • The dining should not be adjacent to toilet.
  • The door of Pooja room/ toilet should not open in front of dining area.
  • If console has to be placed near dining for storage of crockery and utensils, it should be on South/West wall of that area.
vi. guest room
Guestroom is a place where implementation of vastu principles is utmost necessary. This room invites people from different race, environment and characteristic therefore, Vastu comply guestroom doesn’t allow the guest to dominate or interfere. On the other note guestroom should be such that the person coming here to rest feels at peace and contentment. Sometimes this room gets stimulate with the negative vibrations of different people and to nullify that vastu principles are applied to induce positive energy. 
  • The guestroom is best in Northwest as this corner represents air and thus most unstable corner of the house.
  • The bed should be placed in the South/West part of the room.
  • Bed should be placed in such a way that they sleep with head towards South.
  • All the electronic items should be on the Southeast wall of the room.
  • The door of the bathroom should not be exactly opposite to the bed.
  • There should not be any beam running over the bed.
  • The cabinets should be designed on the South/West wall.
  • Any electrical equipment should be placed in the Southeast corner of the room.
vii. childern’s bed
Children’s room is an important place, as the ability and performance of kids depends on this room. This room gives your child all the positive vibes which is needed for his well being. Therefore care must be taken for this little space which is important in order to keep your child in progress. Here are few vastu rules which can be incorporated in children’s room.
  • The room to be chosen for study should be in the East, North or the NorthEast direction of the house. These directions improve the absorption power and increase the knowledge content. Along with that if the door of the room is also in either of these directions, the result turns out to be the best.
  • There should not be any exposed beam or column.
  • Students must face North while studying.
  • The door of the room should have two shutters and windows should be placed in East and North side so that the useful morning sunlight can easily come through.
  • There should not be any open shoe rack in the room and the shoes should not be left scattered.
  • The bed should not fall in front of the entrance door.
  • The children should sleep with head towards South for better concentration & grasping power. It helps in maintaining the magnetic balance of the body and the earth.
  • There should be no exposed mirror in children room.
  • The book rack should be planned on the South/West wall.
  • A square study table is the best shape for study. However a regular rectangle table is also considered good.
  • The unnecessary books should not be piled up on the table. Only the books, which are needed, should be kept on the table. Load of books on the table creates unnecessary mental pressure on the mind.
  • The colour of the walls of the study room should be lemon, green or white in color as it is very auspicious and enhances the wishing power as well as supports the speedy progress of mind.
  • The study books should be placed in the cupboard in the cabinet rather than in the open. And if the shutter of the cupboard is kept shut, the flow of energy is constantly maintained.
  • A flowing water body should be kept in the Northeast corner of the room, which will always keep the student fresh.
  • The curtains/bedshhets used should be plain and simple. Any kind of complicated geometrical designs should be avoided.
  • Try to paint any one wall/element/character in turmeric yellow colour as it enhances the pitutary gland for better growth & mind.
viii. study room
Study room is a place where one sits peacefully to concentrate on studies. This room should be located at proper place and direction followed by vastu principles. The vibration in this room creates unseen noise making it unpleasing and if the directions of books, table are placed accordingly, this room will always give you peace and knowledge. 
  • The study room should be placed either in the Northeast / East or West side of the house.
  • Students must face East/North while studying.
  • A beam should never run above your head while studying.
  • The study room should be well lit and one should not face a blank wall or a window while studying.
  • One should prefer not to have the toilets in the study room, however bathrooms are fine.
  • The book rack should be made on the Southern or the Western wall.
  • The book shelf should never be planned above the study table.
  • The shape of the study table should either be square or rectangle.
  • The size of the study table should not be too big or too small. The proportion of the length & width should not exceed more than 1:2.
  • The study room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.
  • The study table should not stick to the wall .It should be at least 3-4 inches away from it.
  • If the learner makes use of the Table lamp then the lamp should be kept in the Southeast corner of the desk.
  • A pyramid can be kept near study table as it balances the energy and increase the remembering power.
  • A pendulum watch should be put on the North wall of the room.
  • The windows should be larger on the eastern side and smaller on the western side of the room.
  • Use light/neutral colour scheme for better learning power.
Kitchen should be designed very carefully so as the person should enjoy cooking, the food should be tasty and healthy. If a kitchen is made in a wrong corner will lead to problems in relationship; risk of fire related accident, problems related to health and problems regarding kids.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the kitchen
  • The best location for the kitchen is the Southeast corner, as this is the place for the fire zone.
  • One should face East while cooking, as it is considered to be auspicious.
  • The cooking hob and the sink should be maximum distance apart.
  • There should be big windows on the Eastern/Northern side and smaller on Western/Southern wall.
  • The sink should be in the Northeast corner of the kitchen.
  • The slope of the water flow should be from Southwest towards Northeast.
  • The cylinder should be placed in the Southeast corner.
  • The Geyser should be installed on the Southeast side.
  • The electronic gadgets should be placed on the South eastern platform.
  • The storage for all the food grains, utensils, the over head almirah should always be on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls.
  • The fridge should be in placed in the Southwest corner of the kitchen.
  • A dishwasher can be placed in the north west of the kitchen.
  • The exhaust fan should be installed either in the Northwest corner or the South wall.
  • There should be no toilets and bathrooms adjoining, and above or below the kitchen.
  • The door of the kitchen should never face the door of the toilet.
sa-vaastuIn the present time, businesses are developing very fast and small towns are
Selection of the plot
One of the major obstacles that come in one's way is the non-availability of sufficient private land either in big cities or small towns. Several things need careful consideration while going for construction of a building. For any building, the site (Kshetra) is the basic requirement and utmost care must be taken in its selection.

The most important of all these is selecting the right plot or the site. Vastu Shastra, therefore, has given the utmost importance to selection of a right plot and has set down several significant principles. There are some important factors that you should always consider while looking for a plot. Whenever possible one should always try to follow the Vastu principles as violation of these principles can destroy the happiness of one's life.There are some important factors that you should always consider while selecting the plot. 

i)Types of soil 
iii)Topography and surroundings 
iv)Selection of the plot

i)Types of soil 

Earth is classified according to its color like brick red, dark brown, black, yellow or mixed, according to its smell, texture and taste. Black and clayey soil is not good for construction.

  • The soil white in color, having lotus smell, sweet taste and which contains greenery is considered very good.
  • The soil red in color, smelling blood and astringent in taste is good but needs some attention.
  • The soil yellow/pale green in color, grainish smell and sour taste is average and needs a lot of rectification before commencement of work.
  • The soil black in color, having pungent small and bitter taste should be avoided as it is not auspicious for construction of the houses.
While designing the foundation, the load bearing capacity of the soil should be checked. The real analysis of soil should be done which determines the land selection for the plot and for the foundation of the building.


The location of the plot is very important as the surroundings affects us directly and indirectly. You must take care of the following things:
  • One should not buy the land from people suffering from prolonged sickness or who have become insolvent, distressed or unfortunate people as the atmosphere of the particular space depends on the people living there.
  • The soil of the land should not contain ant-hills, bones, skeletons.
  • Old houses which are damaged due to fire, lighting, rain and storm etc., are not good.
  • You should not buy the land which is sandwiched between two huge buildings.
  • The plot at the T- junction should be avoided.

iii)Topography and surroundings

There are several factors which make a plot useable or non useable. The four directions, the shape, the existence of highways, cremation places, rivers, wells, places of worships, they all influence the VASTU of the place.
  • There should not be any cemetery graveyard, tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or the back. If this is the condition, the people residing in that house will live in fear and will never have the peace of mind.
  • A temple, church, mosque also should not be in front of any house otherwise the inmates will always be sick and mentally upset.
  • Falling of shadows of the temples and trees nearby on the main building brings undesirable problems.

iv)Selection of the plot

Facing of the plots are considered important but there is a wrong notion that North and East facing plots are better than South and West facing plots. This is not true, all the directions are equally important; it is up to us how much we follow the rules.
  • The plot should be either square or rectangle in shape.
  • Irregular shapes should be avoided or should be cured before construction.
  • The site should be level or sloping towards North or east or North-East.
We will provide you with the assistance in selection of the best suitable plot. We follow the following steps:
  • Check and determine the directions of the site.
  • Check the soil of the site as it plays a major role in forming the vibrations of that particular site.
  • Try to get a personal feel and touch of the property to observe positive or negative vibrations at the site.
  • Prepare a Vastu analysis chart indicating important aspects and grading of the plot and suggestions

Construction detail

The second stage after buying a land is to start construction. Now even if you have chosen a bad land you can correct it by making proper construction and using Eco friendly material according to vastu. If you have purchased a good land, it can be unsuspicious if you don't make the construction according to the rules of vastu. If you choose the wrong materials in wrong place, they will start giving problem later. Imagine after whole construction you come to know that the material is the cause of worries. What will you do? You cannot demolish the whole building , so its always better to have precautions rather than to go for cures.

There are some important factors that you should always consider while designing the house.

i)Open space around the building
ii)The proportion
iii)The Levels
v)The Height
vi)Terrace / Porch / Portico / Balcony
vii)Compound wall
viii)Garage / Out house
ix)Guard's room
x)Overhead tanks
xi)Underground reservoir
xii)Well / Bore - Well / Tube - Well
Xiii)Septic tank
i)Open space around the building

We have to carefully examine the space given to us around the building.
  • Leave more space in the North and East as compared to South and West.
  • The major construction should never be on the Northern and eastern wall.
  • Even for the South/West facing plots, the open area in South & West should not be more than North & East.
ii)The proportion

The ratio between the length and breadth of the building should normally be 1:1 or 1:1.5 or maximum up to 1:2, it should never exceed this limit in any circumstance, otherwise it will become a 'long bar' shaped plot and is not at all auspicious for anyone.

iii)The Levels

At any level, whether Ground level or First level, the West, South, Southwest sides should be more elevated than the North, Northeast and East sides. Basically the flow of water should always be from the South to North or West to East as it create a lot of positive energies.


The roofing slope should always be towards East and North so that the water always flows towards the North and East. If the roof is designed slanted, the slopes should be in north and east sides. Slanting towards South or West should be avoided.

v)The Height

The height is related to weight. The height either be kept equal everywhere in the building or it will be preferred to keep the South and West higher than the North and East as the South, West sides will automatically gets heavier and this is very auspicious. But never keep the North and east sides at more heights than the South, West.

vi)Terrace / Porch / Portico / Balcony

All these should always be located in the North, East or Northeast sides of the building to bring the health, wealth and happiness. The balconies should always face the North, East or Northeast.

vii)Compound wall

The compound is the wall that covers the boundary of the house. The compound wall either should be of same height and thickness in all the four sides or it will be best if it is thicker and taller in Southern and Western sides as compared to the Northern and Eastern sides. This is preferred as the thick wall of the South and West sides will prevent the afternoon sun and the setting rays of the sun, which are harmful for the humans. Light walls in North and East sides will allow the beneficial morning rays to come and penetrate in the house; they are full of Vitamin D and are the only source of obtaining it.

viii)Garage / Out house

The best place to construct them is the Northwest and Southeast corner and care should be taken not to block or cut the corners at the Southeast or Northwest and the quarter walls should not touch the wall at the Ea
st or North side.

ix)Guard's room

A concrete or wooden shelter is made either in Southwest or Southeast and the shelter should be facing the East or North but it is important to ensure that the watchman is able to see every movement.

x)Overhead tanks

These tanks should be placed in South/West/Southwest as the tank becomes very heavy.

xi)Underground reservoir

It should always be made in the North/East/Northeast.

xii)Well / Bore - Well / Tube - Well

These should be placed in Northeast or eastern sides preferably in between the mid North and Northeast as it bring all round prosperity and new opportunities for growth. 
Xiii)Septic tank
These should be placed in Northwest or South west sides preferably in between the mid west and south . Strictly not place at Northeast and South West.

Commercial vastu sasthra

In the present time, businesses are developing very fast and small towns are developing into industrial cities. Production is increasing day by day, new offices are opening on the daily basis but what will happen if you open a office investing lot of money and with new hopes and it does not work, then?? Then you must go for a Vastu check. i. The OfficesOur work space, where we spend at least half our walking time, six days a week, is as important a part of our lives as our homes. These also have an influence on our productivity, mental well-being and general health.

They should be designed carefully so as that there is a balance in the movement of the work and the office should be in control of the owner. If offices are not made according to these principles, here will be no balance of energies thus less efficiency of the employees, unability to do work; owner may not manage the staff and thus failure.

We have to take care of the following points while planning the offices.

  • Reception should be in Ground floor and should face towards East or North.
  • All the senior management should be seated in South/West side of the area
  • Power generators should be kept in the Southeast side of the building.
  • The finance and the account portion should be in the north, northeast or the east zone.
  • Boardroom, conference hall or committee room, managing director’s room should be placed in the south or the west zones.
  • Avoid sitting under the beams
  • Put an aquarium/ water fountain in the Northeast portion of the house.Put an aquarium/ water fountain in the Northeast portion of the house.
  • There should not be any obstruction inside or outside the doors; the energy should be free flowing.
  • The senior management should always sit with a solid wall behind their back.
  • No one should sit in front of the door.
  • The mandir should never be placed on the back of the seat.
  • The direction of the pantry should always be Southeast.
  • The toilets should be placed in Northwest.
  • The cash room should be situated in Southwest.
  • All the water related activities should be done in Northeast.
 ii.Shop & showroom
The shops should be such that they should fulfil the purpose i.e. the sale of the goods should be very good. If the principles of vastu are not followed then there will be no customers, no sale, and no permanent staff and may be bad name.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the shop/showroom
  • The shop should either be square or a rectangle. If it is odd shape, then it should be corrected before use.
  • A plot with roads on East and North or at least road on one side is preferable.
  • If a person has open space to leave, then one should always keep more space on North and east as compared to South and West.
  • The door opening should be kept towards North or East and South facing doors should be avoided.
  • The water tap and the water storage should be kept in the northeast corner
  • The display racks should be designed in Northwest corner of the showroom.
  • The heavy showcase should be put in the south, west or southwest corner and never in northeast.
  • The pooja place should be placed in the northeast corner and should be kept neat and clean and should be free from any obstruction or load of materials.
  • Chairs and tables of the other staff should be placed in such a way that they face towards north and east while working.
  • Cash, almirahs containing cash, chest, cheques, passbooks should be placed in Southwest facing North.
  • The toilets should be in the Northwest side of the area.
ndustries should be such in such a manner that the production should increase and so the movement of finished goods. If the principles of the Vastu are followed, that can lead to more production, increased sales, no problem with labour and smooth working.

Whatever be the industry, the principles of the Vaastu broadly remains the same and should be kept in the mind while preparing the building, constructing the building, installing the machinery, turning out the products and dispatching them to the clients. Even though there are vast differences in production methods or process flow etc. in different industries but the broad principles of Vaastu Shastra are universally applicable. 
  • More open space should be provided in the east and the North side than in the West and South side.
  • The sloping of the floors should be towards East, North and Northeast sides and never towards South, West.
  • Thicker walls should be constructed in the South and West Side of the building and the thinner walls should be in the North and east sides.
  • The staircase should be in the Southwest side.
  • The underground water tank should be in Northeast side.
  • The overhead water tank should be in the Southwest corner.
  • Toilets must be placed in Northwest or Western corners but should never be constructed in the Northeast and Southwest corners.
  • Administrative office and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East.
  • Staff quarters, Outhouse should be built in the Northwest corner.
  • Basement should be constructed in the east, North or Northeast corner of the proposed building.
  • Heavy machinery should be placed in the Southwest, West & South zones.
  • Northeast and centers of the building should be avoided for placing anything heavy.
  • Basement should be constructed in the east, North or Northeast corner of the proposed building.
  • The heat zone or the burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys should be in the Southeast corner.
  • No garbage should be dumped in the Northeast corner of the building or at the site, north or the east corner should always be kept free and clean.
  • In R.C.C. framed structure, the number of columns or the beams should be even and not odd.
  • The beam should never run above the machines & the workers.
  • The finished goods should be stored in the Northwest corner of the area.
  • A pooja room or a temple should be in the northeast corner and should be kept neat and clean.
iv.Commertial complex
In complexes, builder try to use each and every inch of space available and thus sometime causes blunders. The complexes, which are made according to vastu, are very famous and successful if compared to other ones.
  • The major construction of the building should be in South/West side of the area.
  • The generators and other electrical equipments should always be kept in the southeast corner.
  • Staircase should be provided on southwest and should always be clockwise while climbing up.
  • Bore-well, underground tank should be in Northeast.
  • The overhead tank should be made in the Southwest.
  • Adequate lawns with big trees should be developed in south and west and the lawns with tender plants and with lot of water should be planted in the north or east side.
  • A small temple can be constructed in northeast corner or the center of the building. The temple can have entrance from all the four sides or from east and north but one should be careful that the entrance gate of the temple should not be in front of the entrance gate of any complex or shop.
  • The toilet should be constructed in Northwest or Western corner and never in Northeast corner.
  • The slope of the land should be towards North or East.
  • There should be lot of windows on the North & East walls as compared to South & West walls.
  • The shape of the building should always be regular.
The hotel should be such so as to cater to the needs of the guests, should get guests in adequate number and should do good hospitality. If they are made according to vastu, they lead to increasing arrival of guest and the increased confort thus leading to name & fame.

The designing and building of hotel building is of a very complicated task as it involves several bedrooms and toilets located adjacent to each other and to kitchen, dining hall, reception etc., which is a combination of residential and commercial nature. The selection of the site is the utmost importance. Following points should be considered before selecting a plot and starting the construction: 
  • The level of the site should slope towards northeast corner.
  • The open spaces in the north, east and northeast should be more than that in south, west and southwest. Big trees should be grown in the western and the southern side.
  • If the car parking is to be on the ground only then northern and eastern open space should be used for the purpose if not then the area can be used for lawn and for growing small plants.
  • The borewell, well, underground water tanks, swimming pools, water fountains etc. should be located in the northeast zone only and not in any other place.
  • Overhead tanks should be located on the terrace above roof on the southwest corner.
  • The staircase and lift blocks also should be located in this zone or in the southern portion of the building.
  • All the electrical appliances, which generate heat, should be placed in the southeast zone.
  • The basement should be in the northern and the eastern portion of the building.
  • The reception corner should either face east or north.
  • Area of door and window opening should be more in north and east, then in the south and West Side.
  • The bedrooms should be planned in such a way that the guests should always sleep his head towards South.
  • The attached bathroom should be in the northwest or the southwest corner of each room and never in the northeast corner of the room.
  • When the central AC plant is to be planned, the unit should be in the southeast corner of the building.
  • The kitchen should be in the southeast corner. The oven in the kitchen should be fixed in such a way that the cook always face east.
  • The location of the cash counter can be on raised platform and should face towards north.
  • The image of the deity for daily worship should be in the northeast corner facing east or north.
Vastu tips

  • Plant small shrubs in North/East side to allow beneficial morning sunlight
  • The over head tank should be contructed in Southwest of the property
  • The size of the deity in the worship place should not be more than 10"
  • Put a pendulum wall clock near the study table for better concentration
  • The mirror should not be placed in front of the bed
  • Pregnant females should avoid Southeast rooms
  • One must buy only square/rectangle property
  • Furniture pattern of all the rooms should be changed regularly
  • Avoid blue colour in the kitchen
  • Worship space should not be made in bedroom
  • Never have a undressed stone wall in the house/office area
  • Keep a glass full of water on the table for better concentration
  • There should not be any mirror in front of the bed
  • The main door should not be directly in front of the bathroom door
  • One should never sleep on wrought iron/metal bed
  • One should not plant thorny trees like cactus in the house
  • The houses facing the T-point should be avoided
  • The maximum no. of windows should be made on East/North wall
  • The main door should never make creaky voice
  • In the kitchen, the cooking gas & the washing sink should be maximum apart
  • Evaporate camphor crystals regularly in the bedrooms
  • One must face North/East while worshipping for better devotion
  • There should not be any broken glass or mirror in the house
  • Never sleep with your head towards NORTH
  • There should not be three doors in a line
  • Never sit or sleep under the beam
  • Stairs should be clock wise with odd no of steps
Do's & Don'ts:
Vastu is an inherent energy concept of science. We cannot see energy with our naked eyes but we can realize and see its application in different forms and fashions. Universe is one of the beautiful creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with rules, regulations & acts, similarly the nature has also got certain key factor principles for smooth governing of its residents, in which "Vastu stands for nature law" and ignorance of law is not an excuse anywhere. Here are some of the basic rules that everyone should follow
  • The doors of house/office, especially the main door should never produce creaky noise.
  • Never keep drinking water near telephone/electrical equipments as the vibrations emitted by gadgets contaminate the water.
  • Total number of doors should be in even numbers i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 etc.
  • Pregnant females should avoid Southeast rooms
  • A plot with all corners 90 degrees having two sides road front and back is a good plot.
  • The open space left in North and east should be more than South and West.
  • The maximum construction should be done in South, West and southwest portion of the plot.
  • A pond or a water body should be placed in Northeast corner of the house.
  • A house should be designed in such a way so that there is maximum entry of sunlight and proper cross ventilation.
  • The entire opening should be made on the North and East Side of the house.
  • Trees of any kind should not be grown in eastern or northern, northeast directions.
  • Only small plant can be grown in North, east, Northeast.
  • The hearth or oven must be arranged in eastern southeast direction of the entire house, in such a way that the person cooking faces east.
  • The shadow of any tree should not fall on the house.
  • Pictures of any war scenes, demons, one in anger should not be placed in the house.
  • The slope of the property should be from West to east or South to north.


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